Save the Museum Building in Old Glenora


Built in 1965, the Alberta Provincial Museum Building on 102 Avenue and 129th Street in Edmonton stands as a true gem of modernist yet historic Alberta archtecture. This beautiful strucure is adorned by fosil-rich Tyndall Limestone from the Red River Formation, extensive marble interiors and exquisite brass fittings. The South face of the build has reproductions of the First Nations petroglyphs of Writing-On-Stone Provincial park carved into the walls. The building is a cherished place for generations of Albertans and the site of many wonderful memories of learning and discovery. The grounds of the building are already a beautiful green space and the new building stands in elegant relation to the also historic Government House. Alberta Infrastructure is presently considering the demolition of this wonderful building. In a time of economic restraint we the undersigned ask Alberta Infrastucture to put aside all plans for demolition and repurpose the building preserving the cultural and archetectural integrity of our province.

2 thoughts on “Save the Museum Building in Old Glenora

  • Exmonton has a history of demolishing beautiful old buildings
    Like the Court House. THese historic buildings are irreplaceable and should be cherished treasure. Other cities manage to repurpose rather than destroy. I don’t think Quebec. It’s will be demolishing their historic. Holdings and they don’t have nearly the tax base to draw from to pay for for their maintenance. Beautiful old buildings that are loved, add so much character and history to the city. It’s time for Edmonton to start doing the right thing and repurpose this gorgeous old building. A Museum of Alberta’s Indigenous People like the new museum of African- Americans by the White House, would do much to educate and further understanding and would be in line with Truth and Reconcilliation

    • Hi Karen,

      I’ve talked to many First Nations people, including some who experience those schools first hand. They think a museum would be great, but more than that they want jobs for their kids and their culture to be active and broadcast to the world. Museums and where you put dead things, indigenous culture screams to be alive and heard, The Museum Project want to see the become a reality.

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