If The new museum gets the past, the old museum should get the future!

Canadian Youtube Stars

Here is just a sample of Canada new talent pool!

Daniela Andrade Edmonton, Alberta

924,387 subscribers • 109,037,227 views A successful musician and the best cover artist around, Her cover of Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy” was even featured on the popular TV show Suits and made it on the iTunes Top 100 chart.

Matthew Clarke Vancouver, BC

802,605 subscribers • 90,233,963 views Tune in each week for an episode of Matthew Clarke reenacting a conversation with his 2-year old daughter. The catch? His daughter is played by a full-grown man (aka David Milchard).

Lilly Singh (Superwoman) Toronto, Ontario

7,554,835 subscribers • 1,023,588,836 views Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, is all about making you laugh. Poking fun at relationships, her family and social stereotypes.

Sandi Ball (Cutepolish) Bonavista Bay, NL

2,629,030 subscribers • 333,061,318 views Sandi Ball created Cutepolish and is a part of StyleHaul, a beauty and fashion network. Starting her channel so she could obsess over nail art all the time.

The Concept

Give online creators access to professional-level gear, workshops and studios
“Bringing together the most creative people to learn, connect, and create.”

Edmonton could have the first and largest tubespace in Canada! Online media now pumps billions of dollars into economies around the world. Cities that bring facilities to allow creative people to learn and collaborate on these projects will become a magnet for new enterprises and media companies. Many youtube companies bring millions of dollars into their host cities and allows a level of diversification unknown to any previous generation.

  • Millennials

    66% of Millennial (18-32) internet users in Canada regularly use YouTube

  • Gen X

    59% of Gen X (33-44) internet users in Canada regularly use YouTube

  • Canadians Watching Habits

    Half of Canadians 18 and over watched video content over the internet

  • Canadians watching youtube

    Nearly 70% of Canadians 18+ watch YouTube at least monthly

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